Real Estate Online Marketing Strategies

Real Estate Online Marketing StrategiesHave you ever wondered what the secret of success is for Miami’s top real estate producers? Of course you have, because you are determined to join them on their pinnacle of success! When real estate marketing research site InmanNext conducted a survey to discover what separates real estate high earners – those who earn more than $100k in a year – from real estate agents earning between $30,000 and $50,000, they uncovered some revealing facts:

High Earners Spend More on Real Estate Marketing
The correlation between spending on marketing and achieving success is clear: 63% of high-income earners spent $5000 or more a year on marketing, while about 62% of middle-income agents spend less than $2500. Since the majority of real estate buyers now begin their property searches online rather than at the real estate office, a well-designed website has become one of the most effective Miami real estate marketing tools available to agents. Growing numbers of your potential clients use smartphones or tablets to perform their research; as most of the free websites offered by agencies do not include a mobile-friendly version, investing in your own mobile-friendly real estate website should be one of your top marketing priorities.

High Earners Actively Employ Real Estate Interactive Marketing Strategies
Nearly 50% of high earners said they update their real estate website more than once a week, while 39% of mid income earners update their website or blog only once a month. In order to cultivate repeat visitors and turn them into established clients, you need make your website a place they want to visit on a consistent schedule. Posting an interesting and engaging bi-weekly real estate blog has proven to be a highly effective Miami real estate interactive marketing strategy that accomplishes this goal and generates active leads.

High Earners Use Real Estate Social Media Marketing
High-income earning agents put more effort into developing their social media channels than do middle-income agents. The importance of social media in real estate cannot be over-estimated: 78% of high-income agents have Facebook pages, with nearly half of those having more than 500 Facebook friends, and 84% have Twitter accounts. About 50% of high-income earners update their social media sites several times a week, and nearly a third of agents making $200,000 or more reported updating the social media sites every day. Social media serves as an initial introduction that leads to the long-term relationships that remain a real estate agent’s most valuable resource. Take the time to establish and maintain a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – you will be well repaid by the solid client contacts that develop.

What these figures mean for Miami real estate agents
The message of the survey is clear: to become one of the high earners invest in Miami real estate online marketing strategies. Simply spending a lot of money on your real estate website design is not going to lift you to the ranks of top earners, however. Instead, you need a customized, dynamic Miami real estate website design created by the talented design team at Blue Interactive Agency. We will create a customized, mobile-friendly site that specifically targets your preferred clientele with interactive marketing features including lead generation forms, email marketing, advertising programs, social media platforms, and more. Our marketing experts can help you maintain the active online presence that generates solid leads with content management assistance, Miami real estate blogging tips, and other valuable tools.

Contact Blue Interactive Agency today at 954-779-2801 and let our marketing specialists show you the Miami real estate interactive marketing strategies that will help you achieve the high-earner status you deserve!