Effective Internet Marketing Strategies to Help Your Business Grow

Internet Marketing StrategiesIn today’s digitized world, digital marketing and social media advertising continue to be popular avenues to reach consumers. Developing and implementing effective internet marketing strategies to help your business grow means knowing and understanding how to use the latest marketing practices and tools. But before you begin developing an online marketing strategy, Jim Joseph of Entrepreneur Magazine suggests you first need to define your brand. He suggests that “when defining your brand, put as much clarity as possible into how the brand and business is described, so that you can build a specific brand experience to match it.” Joseph offers three steps to help:

Make an inventory of your skills. List out what you are especially good at and what you want your customers to think of when your brand comes to mind. Your unique set of skills will form the basis of your brand definition.

What are your customers’ needs? From your list of skills, identify those that your customers particularly need. Think through the kinds of things you do that your customers will come to you for. You should define your brand based on your ability to fulfill such demands. .

Focus on what differentiates. It’s important for your brand to be different than other similar options available to customers. Of course your brand experience will ultimately differentiate you, but being unique starts with deciding what attributes set you apart from others.

Your goal is to be different and better than your competition. Once you have defined the brand, you want to start developing effective internet marketing strategies to help your business grow. Consider incorporating these marketing strategies into your online marketing plan:

Use link building strategies to enhance your results. Creating relevant, engaging and frequent content can help drive traffic to your site. Likewise, linking your site to other valuable and trusted websites can help boost results.

Use SEO content. Carefully chosen keywords will organically improve your ranking within search engines and are at the top of the list for SEO competitor analysis. These words and phrases should emphasize what your company is about and be specific to your product or service. Use them in the website content, in blogs and articles.

Use all the tools in the toolbox to build a better site. Social media, SEO, web analytics, blogging strategies and content development can work together synergistically to help make any online marketing program successful.

Incorporate mobile marketing. Mobile continues to play a big role in marketing strategies and new technologies. Mobilizing simply means making it easy for customers to interact with you via mobile and determining the best way to reach out to them via mobile with relevant information for them. To be effective in mobile marketing, be sure to create a mobile version of your website that offers visitors an experience that is customized to their device. Also, expand your use of mobile emailing, but be sure to keep it simple in design with less graphics that take too much time to load or don’t properly load. Consider building an opt-in SMS (short message service) text messaging list, making content relevant and engaging. To make sure your mobile marketing strategy is on point, consider using metrics to monitor peak usage times so you can add fresh content at those times.

Incorporate “Pay-per-Click” (PPC) programs. Pay-per-click is highly effective and considered one of the most cost-effective internet marketing options available. Because it’s results-oriented, PPC programs can help produce immediate results in increased traffic to your site. PPC marketing is also highly measurable – you can track the number of hits from your ads, enabling you to calculate ROI. PCC marketing also gives you control with keywords, bid prices, advertising copy, campaign offers and website landing page content.

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