Google Maps’ New Ads Improve Click-Through Rates

Google has redesigned advertisements used in its Maps application to include more user-friendly features. The company has already reported a 100% increase in click-through rates due to the newly designed ads. Search results now feature larger, easily clickable buttons that show up in more places on the phone’s screen. The buttons allow users to place calls or to find directions with ease. Websites now load within the Maps app instead of launching in a separate browser page. Replacing the old red flags are new blue Google markers to tell users exactly how far they are from a location.

T-Mobile tested the markers feature last summer and saw 162,000 click-throughs in one month. “Adding local store information to mobile apps definitely increases relevancy for the user, which is why we regularly see click through rates of 13%. We’re very pleased with the results,” said a T-Mobile spokesperson.

According to Mashable, 94% of mobile users search for local information on their smartphone and 66% of them visit the business, either in-store or online after conducting the local search. 90% of those people act on what they find, so Google Maps is a crucial mobile advertising opportunity for businesses to take advantage of.

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