Building & Managing In-House SEO Teams

SEOLast month, Search Engine Land columnist David Roth penned a feature on industrial strength entitled “How to Build & Manage Enterprise Search Marketing Teams.” From hiring search marketers to In-House SEO and SEO Team Building, this article is the complete guide to the effective management of search marketing teams. Roth moderated the PubCon panel discussion in which Blue Interactive Agency’s VP of Interactive Strategies, Peter Leshaw, participated.

While the panel discussion provided ample information regarding in-house SEO teams, it also focused on hiring, working with third parties and the interaction between marketing and IT departments. Josh Gampel, Senior VP of Onward Search, suggested that the hiring manager write the job description for search marketing positions, as s/he will have the specialized knowledge necessary to really “speak” to potential candidates.

Tony Adam, Co-Founder and CEO of Eventify, discussed how he built in-house SEO teams and his methods for SEO team building. “I loved his suggestions not only because of their innovative and clever nature,” said Roth, “but also because they obviously have implications beyond SEO.” Adam’s takeaway point was that SEO team building is about people, not SEO.

Blue Interactive’s Peter Leshaw touched on SEO team building as well, but impressed Roth with his knowledge and insight into dashboards and bringing in third-party consultants to work with your in-house SEO team. Peter Leshaw explained the importance of dashboards, and how they are a great way to track the success of client campaigns over time, as well as hold staff accountable for their individual responsibilities in the overall plan. On bringing in third-party vendors, Roth asked, “What’s the single most important thing to keep in mind if you’re bringing in an SEO expert to give an extra boost to your team? Peter says that it’s to make sure they have the same SEO approach, strategically, as the in-house lead.”

Hiring, managing and training an in-house SEO team can be a daunting responsibility. Thanks to industry veterans like those on this expert panel, newcomers have a much better chance to effectively create and manage a successful team. If you’re looking for search engine optimization, search engine marketing or other interactive marketing services, contact Blue Interactive Agency today at 954-779-2801.