Google Chrome & The Johnny Cash Project

On Monday, Google Chrome revived its crowdsourced Johnny Cash art project/ad to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the legendary singer’s death. The final, fan-made music video is for Cash’s posthumously released song, “Ain’t No Grave.”

Aside from the promotional aspects of the tribute, “The Johnny Cash Project” is a truly remarkable piece of work, drawn together from talented Cash fans from Long Beach to London. Each individual frame of the fascinating video was drawn by a single fan, and the project continues to grow as more people across the globe add on more and more layers. The video can be paused at any time to learn about each frame and the artist and fan behind it.

On The Johnny Cash Project website, frames are also sorted into categories, including:

  • Highest Rated Frames
  • Director Curated Frames
  • Most Brushstrokes Per Frame
  • Most Recent Frames
  • Random Frames
  • Pointillism Frames
  • Realistic Frames
  • Sketchy Frames
  • Abstract Frames

The “Living Portrait of the Man in Black” invites you to share your vision of Johnny Cash, “as he lives on in your mind’s eye,” to become a part of the global collective art project. A CBS news blog called the project “A truly amazing fan-made tribute to one of the late and great all-time legends of music!”

The Johnny Cash Project is the latest clever project from Google, and is proving to be a ringing endorsement for Chrome. Google has released a slew of innovative products in recent years, including a variety of highly effective web analytics, including Google Apps, Google Feedburner, Google Webmaster Tools and more. If you would like to utilize these Google products in your business but are unfamiliar with them, contact Blue Interactive Agency for expert services and advice on getting started with these web tracking tools and more.