$6.8 Billion Market Inspires Innovative Mobile Apps

Android users in the U.S. spend 56 minutes a day surfing the Web and using mobile apps (Nielsen). Of that figure, two-thirds of their time is spent firing up mobile apps while just a third accounts for surfing the Web. Even more interesting is the fact that the top 10 Android apps account for 43 percent of the time Android users spend using them.

Ready for more mobile stats? It has been estimated that 21 billion apps will be downloaded by 2013. “Dangerously addictive but deceptively simple,” as TIME describes it, Angry Birds developer Rovio is said to be worth billions. The $6.8 billion mobile app market has exploded, changing the way we live and communicate. While some warn against this transition to a heavy reliance on mobile technology, there’s no denying the positive impact that apps have had on our modern lifestyle. Here’s a quick look at some selections from PC World’s Top 15 Innovative Mobile Apps to Watch in 2011 that “have the potential to improve our day-to-day lives (or at least make them more bearable and entertaining)”:

Meal Snap (iOS): In an increasingly diet-obsessed society, apps like Meal Snap have the very real potential to turn a healthy profit. Meal Snap will estimate the number of calories in any meal the user snaps a picture of. This is just one example of the growing popularity of augmented reality applications.

Fring (iOS, Android): Forget FaceTime – Fring will be the first app to offer free, mobile group video calling with up to four people at once!

PairShare (iOS): Another burgeoning trend in mobile apps is the use of Bluetooth technology. PairShare lets users share music with other iPhone users via a ShareList that can be auto-scanned by nearby friends.

Nursery Rhymes (iOS): On a business trip and have young children? Nursery Rhymes allows you to read a book to anyone from anywhere in the world. The recipient can “interact with beautiful graphics and listen to you at the other end.”

iSwifter (iOS): Who hasn’t gotten frustrated with the iPhone’s lack of Flash support? iSwifter allows you to watch Flash videos, play Flash games and view Web animations.

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