‘Link, Like, Love’ with AmEx & Facebook

Although antiquated advertising outlets, like direct mail, are still popular, many well-known companies are beginning to make the transition to social media marketing. While there’s little hope that credit card companies will outright abandon the historic practice of sending out floods of mailers, American Express is pioneering a new kind of interactive marketing with Facebook.

If you’re a serious social media fan, you probably haven’t noticed a noteworthy Facebook marketing campaign from any credit card company; AmEx aims to take advantage of this opportunity to gain an advantage over its less socially savvy competitors. In an online report from USA Today, AmEx Vice Chairman Ed Gilligan says, “We want to be relevant to the Facebook experience,” as well as expose its services to the social-media behemoth’s 750 million users. Current cardholders can link their AmEx account via a special app on the company’s Facebook page to receive discounts and other special offers based on their “Likes” and interests, as well as their friends “Likes” and interests. Users will enjoy a totally digital experience – instead of printing coupons and redeeming them at stores, members simply click an online button that automatically loads deals into their AmEx account, redeeming their rewards when they swipe their card at purchase.

AmEx’s new online marketing initiatives aim to increase “Likes” on its Facebook page, currently a little over 2 million, to attract more of its 90 million cardholder customer base. “For those who aren’t card members, this may be a reason why they should become a member,” Gilligan says, adding that this type of customer recruitment “is much more (effective) than sending a direct-mail piece to a home.” About 100 businesses are participating in AmEx’s new program, including Whole Foods Market, 20th Century Fox, Outback Steakhouse and Celebrity Cruises.

If you have an American Express card and are interested in registering to receive special offers, “Like” the American Express Facebook page to sign up. Every day, well-known brands are launching unique interactive marketing campaigns to reach the massive online market. Facebook marketing allows companies to refresh their image and attract the attention of a vast, diverse market. If you’re interested in launching an online marketing campaign, contact Blue Interactive Agency for expert advice on how to maximize your efforts and see a guaranteed return on investment.