Internet Explorer 9 Making Huge Impact on Developers and Customers

With nearly half of web users out there using Internet Explorer, the newly released version, Internet Explorer 9, is already making a huge impact. It has been noted as Microsoft’s fastest adopted beta product ever.

Internet Explorer 9 is designed to make web browsing easier and more efficient. It pairs with Windows 7 to make the experience seamless. Features like Pinned Sites and Jumplist allow people to place their most visited websites on the Windows 7 Taskbar leaving them just a click away. Users can jump back and forth on their favorite websites, multitask and control several functions quickly and proficiently. Internet Explorer 9 has also made impressive adjustments with its performance. It was created to enhance the overall browsing performance and is known to be trustworthy with its high standards in security and privacy technologies to keep customers safe online.

Microsoft’s competition like Safari, Firefox and Chrome do not support functions for the new HTML 5 whereas Internet Explorer 9 has opened that door. Apple CEO Steve Jobs is an advocate for HTML 5 since it allows web designers to create interactive websites with more video and audio content without the need for plug-ins. The usefulness of supporting HTML 5 makes Internet Explorer 9 a powerful tool for developers and customers alike. Businesses are able to better engage their target consumers through interactive websites. This capability will open up their business and hopefully increase customers while being more user-friendly. Ask for a website analysis to see if your e-commerce site is functioning at the optimal level.

More than 39 million people downloaded the beta version of Internet Explorer 9. There is no doubt that the product claims a significant share of the global web browser market, and at the highest adoption rate of any beta product ever launched.