Companies Increase their Interactive Marketing Budgets

Print advertising, radio and television make up a traditional marketing budget, but modern media agencies are increasing their spending on interactive marketing. Online marketing such as internet advertising and social media is changing the way media agencies plan and measure their campaigns for clients.

As media agencies plan campaign strategies to most effectively reach consumers, there are a few rising trends. More than half of CMOs surveyed in the MagnaGlobal U.S. Advertising Forecast plan to spend more on advertising in 2011 following the last few years of recession cutbacks. Digital media is not just seen as an inexpensive alternative to traditional media anymore, but as a priority marketing strategy. In fact, online ad sales are expected to grow 10.5% in 2011 according to an eMarketers survey.

An impressive 80% of U.S. companies and 84% of Fortune Global 100 companies currently use social media for marketing purposes. 25% use the four major platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs.

So what’s up and coming? 75% of media agencies are stepping up their mobile advertising budget this year, so mobile devices may be the medium to look out for in 2011.

Email marketing is getting a makeover from traditional plain text to emails that include embedded videos, social sharing buttons and interactive graphics. According to a Web Video Marketing Council survey, 73% of marketers see an increase in click-through rates for emails with embedded video.

By measuring web data such as analytics and metrics, marketers can clearly see the results of their campaigns which then helps shape their future interactive marketing strategies.

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