Integrate Your Email Campaigns with Text to Subscribe and QR Codes

Email marketing is an incredibly effective strategy for acquiring and retaining customers, so it’s important to take advantage of all the new features that email marketing offers in order to achieve optimum results.

Blue Interactive Agency now offers email marketing solutions with a “text to subscribe” feature. Imagine at conventions, speaking engagements and presentations asking your audience to text a shortcode your number in order to subscribe to your mailing list. This interactive feature is invaluable at events and in retail stores, or anywhere else to avoid the need for a sign-up form. Instead of passing out sheets of paper to collect email addresses, users can use their iPhones and smart phones to quickly send a text – and that’s all they need to do to sign up.

Blue Interactive offers the added benefit of QR Codes to your email marketing strategy. These matrix barcodes are readable by smart phones. The codes are usually featured on print material, direct mail or promotional items in which consumers can photograph the QR code. Their mobile device then translates the QR code into text or a URL that they can follow to get additional information such as videos, photos and coupons. This method of cross-media marketing generates user interest and gives them information instantly. It can be used in a wide range of mediums from magazines and postcards to billboards to give consumers more information on your company’s products or services.

Once you have your text to subscribe feature and QR codes in place, can promote them in many creative ways like adding it to your business card, posting it on store signs, t-shirts and postcards to give users a different way to respond. Your customers will appreciate a new interactive method in your email marketing campaigns.