Yahoo Finally Integrates Local Listings and Maps into Search Results

After years of users having to type city names, zip codes, and far more information than anyone should have to in order to retrieve maps and directions in search results, Yahoo is finally offering a more streamlined service. The company announced today it has improved its local business search result pages, allowing users to locate nearby businesses and addresses without the need to input detail after detail.

What’s it mean to you? Now when you search for a business, let’s say Publix, for example… not only will its website and a variety of relevant sites and articles show up, but map results showing closest matching locations will be integrated into the search engine results page. 

Of course for those who have been Googling all along, this is something to yawn at and move along. However, considering Yahoo’s recent revamping in addition to claiming to never having claimed to be a search engine, they sure are continuing to evolve, slowly… along with other search engines regardless.

At the very least, this provides yet another free advertising platform for local businesses to take advantage of. By submitting an address and business name to a search engine that provides mapping and directions services, businesses can show up for free under local listings as well as on the map if their address is within close enough range to the search location.

Local customers already search Google and Yahoo for the products and services you offer. Create a business listing with Yahoo and with Google, using Google Local Business Center in order to be sure your customers can find you.