SEO Tip- Optimizing Your Website URL Keywords

Tuesday’s SEO tip of the day discusses another facet of utilizing keywords for optimizing search results.

When deciding keyword placement on a Web site, one small and often overlooked area considered is the uniform resource locator (URL). In fact, search engines read the URL, or domain name, when a search is conducted. The trick to remember is that the search engine will not recognize a difference in multiple words strung together – that you have to do yourself. For instance, the hypothetical Web site would be read by a search engine as one nonsensical word. Someone searching for one two wouldn’t come across your site in a search engine. 

Optimize search engine results by separating keywords in your URL with hyphens, slashes or periods. Instead of reading your URL as one word, a search engine will now be able to read each word individually, and boost your keyword recognition in the process. The URL above could be registered as, and your keywords now stand a better chance of being picked up.