Personal Mobile Wi-Fi Bubbles

One day, we will giggle at the thought of driving around cities in search of WiFi hotspots, or desperately scouring the airwaves in search of an unprotected signal. We will hang out in coffee shops because we want to, not to access delicious free internet. Those days are rapidly in the works. What is stalling universal wireless Internet?

The options available to get online these days are blemished, with much room for improvement. The Internet was drastically altered when users made the leap from desktop to laptop, and the search to improve mobility has leapt and bounded forward exponentially since that stance.

While laptops are mobile, users consistently find themselves much less free than anticipated.Rather, users find themselves rooted to tables in coffee shops, or searching for free Wi-Fi signals, the majority of which are now password protected. Leaving your home with your laptop presents a problem, to connect or not to connect?

Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile or AT&T offer internet on the move, for approximately $60 per month, at not so cable modem speed, and a few laptops have a cellular modem built in, proving to be a zesty drain to the battery.

Imagine your own personal Wi-Fi hot-spot bubble, enveloping you wherever you go… the car, the beach, the mall, without cellular modems. Imagine staying at a hotel, without having to be assaulted and insulted by their grossly overpriced Wi-Fi services.That is freedom. And in case you did not know it, it exists!

The Novatel MiFi 2200, will be available from Verizon in mid-may. Similar to a thick credit card, it has a power button, status indicator light and swappable battery. Turn on your MiFi, wait a few seconds,a nd revel in your own personal, password protected wireless hot spot. ($100 with a two-year contract of course). With the MiFi in your bag, pocket or vicinity, you are online, unplugged and free to evolve the way you work and live. Relayed by Blue Interactive Agency, firm.