Google faces class action suit regarding trademark infringement accusations

Google has found itself in murky waters over its online advertising practices. There are companies who are livid about the methods Google allows paid ad placements to operate. Google defends its practices, citing the effectiveness of competitive trademark usage.

Geico, American Airlines and other large corporate entities have filed suit against Google regarding the competitive uses of their respective trademarks (those suits were settled). Brand owners consider the usage abuse of their brands, and say that it confuses customers and increases the cost of doing business.

Google is unphased by the commotion and lawsuits. In fact, this month, Google spread its policy of permitting anyone to purchase someone else’s trademark as a trigger for an online advertisement to 190 new countries. Google will also allow limited use of trademarks in the text of some search ads, regardless of if the owner of the trademark objects.

Google maintains that the changes will lead to ads that have more relevance to the user. An example being that if someone entered “Dell” into a query, not only would the official Dell website appear, but other sites who sell Dell products.

Microsoft and Yahoo allow similar uses of trademarks within the text of their online advertisements, although they do not allow the controversial method of utilizing trademarks as triggers for competitor ads. Dynamics of trademark usage are up for a unique interpretation on the internet. Google functions for its users, the ultimate in search technology, if a Google user is searching for a product, they will also be provided with competing products with potentially lower prices. Relayed by Blue Interactive Agency, your Fort Lauderdale interactive marketing solution.