Facebook leaning toward the democratic side

Facebook has recently learned the awesome power an online community can wield. In addition, Facebook users are now learning how Facebook saves face. Following protests of members regarding changes in terms of service that appeared to give Facebook control over the information provided by users, Facebook announced that all significant policy changes would be subject to comments from members, and if they prove to be controversial, a popular vote. Very democratic Facebook, and very savvy in the PR department as well.

Founder and Chief executive of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg told journalists in a conference call, “If we are trying to move the world to being more open and transparent and to get people to share more information, having an open process around this is ultimately the only way to do that.”

Elliot J.Schrange, vice president of communications and public policy went on to say, “I think we really underestimated the sense of ownership Facebook users feel over the site, because of the information they post and share, the personal nature of that information, they want to feel a real strong sense of ownership over what happens.”

The controversy over the changes in the terms of service ignited in the form of comments, and some users went as far as to create protest groups against the changes. The internet is a powerful tool, and its users are taking control over its future. Brought to you by Blue Interactive Agency, your web design and interactive marketing company.