A search engine to locate investors for venture capital

The challenge of entrepreneurs with a new business idea to raise enough money to start up can be daunting.Enter Angelsoft, a company who has just unveiled a search engine specifically engineered to locate investors.

The company Angelsoft makes software for investors that enables them to manage their workflow, and runs a website for investors and entrepreneurs. Angelsoft took into consideration the extensive amount of time that is wasted by entrepreneurs approaching the wrong investors,and also the vast amount of submissions received by most venture groups. All of those areas and the possibility that venture groups maintain their own agendas, which leaves public submissions inboxes potentially overlooked, creates a rift between merging appropriate investor with appropriate entrepreneur.


The investor search engine has readily available information on 450 angel groups and venture capital firms that already use Angelsoft products, plus an additional 500 other firms that do not. Entrepreneurs can sort search results based on location, stage, valuation, industry and investment size. This tool is designed to enhance the way businesses are born.

Entrepreneurs also have the ability to inspect information that is relevant to their cause,such as:

• which investors are part of the Angelsoft network
• How many days investors generally take to respond to pitches
• How many investing partners view the average application
• How many applications a specific investor group receives
• How many applications submitted make it through screening, due diligence, meeting, and investment stages

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