Google to index databases

Search giant and leader Google has indexed over a trillion web addresses. While the fact that Google knows about over a trillion websites, what is even more remarkable is that figure is only a fraction of what is on the entire World Wide Web.

The World Wide Web holds a vast amount of hidden data in the form of financial information, shopping catalogs, flight schedules, medical research and other useful information stored in the form of databases. These databases are invisible for the most part to search engines. The major search engines are facing challenges in penetrating the millions of databases on the World Wide Web, and refer to them as the “Deep Web”. Search engines are on an ever-improving quest to provide the most relevant and fast results to search queries.

Google is developing a new breed of technologies, advanced methods to index the useful and relevant information from the web’s databases and hidden corners. Extending the reach of search will improve reshape the way online business is conducted.

Search engines rely on crawlers (spiders),which are programs that compile information about the website by following the trails of hyperlinks that tie the web together. These spiders have a difficult time penetrating databases that are set up to respond to typed queries. Search engines can help you find a needle in a haystack, and Google is aiming to help users explore that haystack.

Google plans to send out a program that will analyze the contents of every database it crawls. The results will then be analyzed and used to develop a predictive model of what that particular database contains. With access to more information deep within the World Wide Web, more knowledge and information can be accessed, cross-referenced and relied upon.

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