Cisco Systems invests in Microsoft’s Xobni

Xobni is a tool by Microsoft to streamline inbox management-it is actually inbox spelled backwards. The search tool indexes email in one’s outlook inbox-searching messages for keywords, phone numbers, names and photos and categorizing them. Xobni announced on Monday that it has closed a $7 million dollar round of financing with Cisco Systems as a new investor in the Microsoft Outlook Search tool. Cisco Systems is expanding its workplace collaboration tools, and is investing in the Microsoft Outlook plug-in for people with large amounts of email. 

Xobni’s previous investors also participated, including First Round Capital, Khosla Ventures,Atomico and Baseline Ventures. Xobni is partnered with Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Yahoo and Hoovers. Cisco’s interest in e-mail and workplace collaboration tools is an example of how common the internet is becoming to nearly every occupation-and investor’s are taking notice.

Cisco’s vision for investment in the product includes initiative to cement a partnership to assist in integrating Cisco and Xobni, potentially allowing users to access Cisco products through the Outlook plug-in.

Since May, Xobni has been downloaded 1.5 million times and has roughly 400,000 active users each month. An astonishing 20 percent of Microsoft employees use the plug-in, as it saves time otherwise spent organizing email that they are now able to spend elsewhere.

The plug-in has received high marks from users and investors, as email had become nearly forgotten while remaining an issue in both business and personal lives. Brought to you by Blue interactive Agency, your Fort Lauderdale interactive marketing and web design solution.