We are Google

Google courted us with search, and eventually we began to accept our invitations to Gmail-sending invites to our friends who in turn sent them to their friends. yes; Now actor in the scads of us who have implemented and adore the Google calendar. The Google calendar provides scheduling capabilities at their finest, with the ability to share information inside and outside of the office. But wait, it gets better-the Google calendar and email linked up and began communicating with each other! So who wouldn’t want that incoming email about an event added to their calendar automatically? Yes please.

Then Google incorporated its instant messenger within Gmail. Right there in your inbox is your buddy list, a search box, Google Maps and any other Google tool you could possibly need to make it through your day unscathed-and easy. Did I mention you can now chat with your friends via video with your Gmail chat? yes; “t works flawlessly, even between a Mac and a PC. MapQuest was the go-to online map source-then Google Maps was born. As Google Maps provides novel features regularly, it just seems silly to use anything else. From RSS feeds to subway directions, Google is innovation and it is a part of us. Brought to you by your Florida Interactive agency and web design firm