Update on FCC & Wireless Spectrum

The topic of the 700 MHz FCC wireless spectrum auction that began on January 24,2008 has stirred up much controversy. The FCC recently canceled the meeting where the vote was to take place on the free internet plan, wherein it would decide if it should auction off 25 megahertz of wireless spectrum in the 2155 MHz to 2180 MHz band. 

The FCC would require license holders to offer free wireless broadband service, in exchange for using the spectrum, to provide free internet access to millions of Americans who cannot afford it or do not wish to pay for high speed internet access.

The FCC was set to vote on the plan on December 18, yet the meeting was cancelled due to opposition from several top officials, wireless providers, and civil rights groups. The proposed government-mandated filter has many in an uproar; as such, a situation would allow the government to block anything it finds objectionable, similar to China. The proposed free internet service would be filtered for material deemed not suitable for children, giving people 18 and over the option to opt out of the filtered service. 

The proposed plan involves the rights to operate the 700 MHz frequency band in the United States, and the process of deciding how to go about it has created controversy. The debate on the issue includes several telecommunications companies including AT&T and Verizon Wireless,Google and others. This update brought to you by Blue Interactive Agency,your source forSouth Florida interactive marketing and web design.