attempts to expand its share of search

Ranked a solid 4th place in the competitive arena of search engines is The top 3 search engines are Google, Yahoo,and MSN, respectively. Monday is rolling out its latest version in order to remain abreast the tough competition. The new version will be the first major overhaul since Chief Executive Jim Lanzone was replaced by Jim Safka in January.Jim Safka previously served as the Chief Executive for popular dating site According to Safka: “We have rebuilt the Ask site from the ground up.”

Ask has now incorporated question and answer sites from around the World Wide Web including Yahoo Answers and WikiAnswers, both effective sources that generate results for queries posted as questions. This is a smart move, as online content is submitted by individuals on an increasing basis, not just professional publishers. Also included in the new Ask features will be structured sources of data pertaining to specified categories such as health, entertainment, and careers-implementation of this feature is intended to boost results such as celebrity queries by name and their projects and related information to their names.

The remodeled search engine is hoped to be faster and contain more information than previously, and is eager to gain more users. It is also aiming to produce faster and more relevant responses to common search queries. Another change is that the company has opted to return to the two-panel result format rather than the three-panel format it unveiled this past year, citing ease of use. This blog brought to you by Blue Interactive Agency, your Fort Lauderdale interactive marketing solution.