The Importance of Professional Website Copywriting

When designing a website,many people want to cut corners when it comes to the copywriting that will appear on the website. While it is logical to assume that since you know your company best,you should best be able to write the content that appears on your website -however, there are many things about website copywriting that the average person may not be aware of. As follows are the reasons that you should employ a professional copywriter to create the content for your website:

Conversion Optimization.Conversion Optimization is a process of writing content in order to guide the visitor to the action that you want them to take or to at least stay on your website long enough to learn about your company and what makes your company special. Professional website copywriters are experts at appealing to the 4 different personality types and capturing your visitor’s attention. With the average attention span rapidly shrinking, the lack of good, well written copy will decrease the amount of visitors that turn into customers.

Call to Action.Professional copywriters understand the importance of working in a call to action within website copy. If somebody is on your website you want them to contact you immediately or at the very least submit their contact information to you so that you can add them to future marketing campaigns. If a visitor comes to your website and doesn’t call you or give you their contact information they might as well have never been there.

Web Content is read differently than Print Content. A good professional copywriter understands that web content is read in a much different way than any other medium. Eye tracking studies have shown that the average website visitor does not read web content in depth but rather skims it. Your website copy should have the most important points in bold and italics and heavily utilize bullet points to enable users to get to the point and move forward to take the action you want them to.

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