Making your Website a Knowledge Source for your Clients

Making your Website a Knowledge Source for your ClientsOne of the key components to effective internet marketing is to develop a website that demonstrates your knowledge of the industry. Demonstrating industry knowledge on your website can have many positive effects.

Attract Visitors to Your Site and Keep Them There

Without visitors, your website is equivalent to the proverbial tree falling in the woods with nobody there to hear it – it isn’t making any sound. To amp up the volume of your website you need to ask yourself what information your clients are looking for and give it to them. Take the questions that clients ask you everyday and create a  frequently asked questions. Add a blog to your website and give your perspective on the latest news in your industry. The more relevant information you have on your website to your industry the more likely you are to keep visitors perusing through your site once they have found you. The more pages they read on your site, the more likely they are to return or better yet, they will recommend your site to others, and then you have generated a positive word of mouth campaign.

Show Your Potential Clients you are the Expert they are Looking For

Adding relevant content to your website that demonstrates your knowledge also builds credibility for your brand. In the Real Estate Market clients are often seeking your services to guide them through the biggest purchase decision they will ever make. Establishing credibility in your knowledge of the industry is key to developing the trust you need to convert website visitors to clients and clients to sales.

Content is King

There is a reason why one of the most popular sayings in the field of search engine optimization is “content is king”. One of the ways that search engines determine the relevancy of your website to keywords entered by search engine visitors is by counting the number of times that keyword is contained within the text on your website. So while you are adding content to your website in order to attract customers and keep them on your site while demonstrating that you are an expert in your field, you are also earning points in the search engine optimization column of internet marketing.

To learn more about how your website can be built around a content management system that will allow you to add content to your site without the assistance of a website developer contact Blue Interactive Agency today.