How PR can help you with SEO

Press Releases have obvious SEO benefits. If you are putting something that is exciting and newsworthy on the web then other websites will pick up your content and post it to their site while giving you an inbound link to your website (inbound links = SEO benefit). Services such as PR Web allow you to, for as little as $80, post your press release to several websites including Yahoo News.

With such an easy way to generate inbound links, many companies may be tempted to want to develop a press release schedule similar to the way a company would manage a blog. However, this is precisely the wrong thing to do….. press releases cannot be scheduled, they should be sent out only when something happens in your company that is newsworthy.

In order to avoid press releases from your company being taken as seriously as the warnings from the boy that cried wolf, you should limit press releases being sent out only when something genuinely exciting happens.” Sending multiple newsworthy press releases over time can help to keep your company’s name fresh in their minds. Sending too many press releases just for the sake of sending them (as opposed to disseminating real news) will also keep your company’s name fresh in their minds… just probably not the way you’re hoping for. ” -Jennifer Mattern,

If you truly feel that your company would benefit from more regular press releases then you should make sure that you have newsworthy events happening in your company on a regular basis. Some ideas to get your company on this path include: set up regular contests for your clients or website visitors, put out a regular report on industry issues, or get your company involved in charitable efforts .To learn more about how the right kind of PR can help your company and your SEO efforts, contact Blue Interactive Agency today.