Email Marketing Optimization

In today’s world of spam, email service providers are protecting their users by filtering for spam and blocking images in email, making it harder for email marketers to get their message across.Here are a few simple rules to follow to make your email as clean as possible so that your email gets to the inbox and your potential clients will be inclined to click the “display images” button instead of the “delete” button.

Rules to Email by:
Do not use images only! Emails should always be done in html and incorporate a 60:40 image to text ratio. See the samples below – Proflowers’ email has text that you can read to give the customer the gist of the marketing message before downloading the images but in the Smart Bargains email there is no text whatsoever and the email is much less appealing before downloading the images.

Use alt tags for your images – Alt tags should always be used to define what the picture shows so that the user has an idea of what the image will be before downloading instead of seeing X’s in every image box (again, see how Proflowers has done this correctly as opposed to Smart Bargains).

Subject line Optimization– The subject line should be catchy, under 40 characters, and consistent with the content of the email message

Beware of the Spam Traps! Certain words are big spam flags and should be avoided as much as possible if you want to make it into the recipient’s inbox. The following words should be avoided: Free, complimentary, cash, prize, no cost, win, etc

Use a white background – Colorful backgrounds raise the spam score considerably

Your landing page should mirror your email – Studies have shown that linking to a landing page that has a similar look and feel as your email greatly increases conversion and keeps users from exiting the site immediately

Always include an unsubscribe link in your email – All credible companies have to include a way for users to opt out of receiving future emails

Include your address at the bottom of the email – CAN-SPAM Policy states that this must be done or your company could be labeled as a spammer

In today’s world email marketing is the most regulated of the internet marketing mediums.While it can be an effective marketing tool to add to your portfolio,there is a substantial amount of risk involved if you are not savvy about the CAN-SPAM regulations. For help with your email marketing plan contact the experienced internet marketing professionals at Blue Interactive Agency who can help you set up a complete email marketing plan,create html emails as well as corresponding landing pages, and write the content that will be sure to convert email opens to sales.