Katarina Brown is a Content Manager at Blue Interactive Agency. Always enjoying a happy balance of analytical and creative thinking, Kat finds working in digital marketing to be the perfect fit. She loves helping clients strategize online marketing tactics to meet their business’s goals.

Aside from managing content for Blue Interactive Agency, Kat will work with clients to ensure ongoing digital marketing objectives are accomplished. Katarina’s experience lies in SEO, online PPC advertising, social media marketing, content strategy, design strategy, web analytics and business consulting.

She has worked with business strategies for over 10 years and after receiving her MBA, she concentrated specifically on digital marketing. She founded High Ground Marketing before joining the team at Blue Interactive Agency, where she can focus on helping companies succeed online.

When not working, Kat enjoys spending time with her husband, Alex, and their dog, Milo, going to the dog park or beach, or spending time with family and friends. She also loves traveling to new places and experiencing the culture of the local areas she visits.